14 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

Cleaning is something we all have to do but are always looking for easier ways to get the job done.  That said, taking short-cuts is hardly ever the right choice, it can make your cleaning even more difficult.  On top of basic cleaning, you and your family may have some habits that are preventing you from thoroughly cleaning.

Now it’s time to break some of your bad Cleaning habits in order to clean up your home the right way.  To start with, you should choose one or two bad cleaning habits that need to be changed.  Before you know it, you will have a much cleaner home!

1. Your Build-Up Of Paper Clutter

Paper ClutterWe all, at times, have a build-up of paper thanks to magazines, unwanted junk mail, newspapers, and the list goes on.  You need to have a designated area near your door for all unwanted paper clutter and have a shredder or dumping bin nearby.  Approximately once a week go threw this stuff and junk it or shred it. You also need to create a filing system to store tax returns, insurance papers, and other important papers.  Consider donating magazines to retirement homes or to your local hospital. Your children’s artwork can be framed and displayed or stick them on your refrigerator with magnets.